Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the dud avocado by elaine dundy

the dud avocado follows the romantic and comedic adventures of a young american who heads overseas to conquer Paris in the late 1950s. edith wharton and henry james wrote about the american girl abroad, but it was elaine dundy’s sally jay gorce who told us what she was really thinking. charming, sexy, and hilarious, the dud avocado gained instant cult status when it was first published and it remains a timeless portrait of a woman hell-bent on living.

dear elaine dundy,

where have you been all my life? i adored the dud avocado. this book is witty, charming, nostalgic. if the hepburns  (audrey or katherine) ever starred in a book, not a movie, this would be the book. sally is gracefully awkward, clumsily charming, and adorable. it's literally like reading a romp of an old classic movie. your characters are wonderful, surreal, and highly entertaining. i cannot rave about this book enough. you are the list of great books for 2009. bravo!

i'm thrilled to know your titles are coming back into print in the upcoming months. in the meantime, i have the ever reliable and amazing new york public library to keep me swimming in your writing.

dutifully yours,
a lone reader

post script: i love your book's cover. 

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  1. hi - great concept for a site. would you mind if i emailed you some info on a book called Fade to Blue? thx!