Monday, April 20, 2009

kick me by paul feig

written in side-splitting and often cringe-inducing detail, paul feig takes you in a time machine to a world of bombardment by dodge balls, ill-fated prom dates, and other aspects of public school life that will keep you laughing in recognition and occasionally sighing in relief that you aren't him. kick me is a nostalgic trip for the inner geek in all of us.

dear paul feig,

cute. there are some great moments in your book. my personal favorite? the elf scene. done. i giggled. loved it. and i do like you. just not for this book. i'll take a episode of freaks and geeks over kick me any afternoon. no offense. i don't think it's your fault. i swear, it's not you. it's me. totally me. okay, and george tabb. his books playing right field was everything you wanted your book to be, but compared to him . . . well, yours fell a little short.  i'm sorry. i read his book first and loved it. i laughed. his memoirs were larger than life and hilarious and embarrassing and completely geeked out. yours were silly and charming, but not as engaging. i'll admit, i was skimming by the end. and i hoped you'd end on a really funny or brilliant note, but it quietly faded. i wanted george and instead i got paul. i'll know better for next time.

dutifully yours,
a lone reader

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